I sprouted a leek!

Yes, I should have been sprouting leeks back in early March, however, between leaky basements and septic challenges I was a wee bit delayed. The good news is that my leeks are much happier than my onions. I started my onions back in February and germination was slow and spotty. Some are still germinating! Yes, by now my onions are long and lush, ready for their first haircut (which helps them grow thicker sturdier stems), but the first leek baby sprouted in only 4 days. Hallelujah. I am using a small standing greenhouse inside the house in front of our sunny patio doors. It gets baking hot and humid in there and the plants are loving it. Also, it has warmed up inside the house and out and the sun is stronger. This helps narrow the gap between when I should have planted leeks (by March 16th) and when I did (March 29th). I also planted peas, shallots, scallions, more onions, and celeriac. I was not going to start things like peas or brassicas that can be planted out as soon as the soil can be worked, but I recently learned that the largest plot cannot be rototilled until the first or second week in May, possibly later depending on what this winter/spring transition is up to (besides melting into my basement). Eep. So I will be planting brassicas as well and artichokes, which at this point will have a late start as well. But that's okay. A little late is still better than never and I do have a couple of large gardens that can be planted directly as soon as the soil is warmed, as these are already established. Here's to seeing asparagus, garlic, dandelions, coltsfoot, and violets. As soon as the snow melts, these puppies should be popping up. Of course, we might need to get out of these nightly hard freezes before the garlic and asparagus make an appearance, but I am new to both these crops so we will see.

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