Heifer Hay vs. Horse Hay

I feel like this is something a girl needs to know if she lives in the country. Cows can tolerate mold so heifer hay is generally cheaper and not dried for as long because if it gets moldy the cows don't care. Horses cannot tolerate mold so horse hay is dried for longer. Rabbits need to eat horse hay because they, too, cannot tolerate mold. My father-in-law brought us a couple of bales of timothy hay (good for horses and bunnies) from Morrison's Feed Bag in St. Johnsbury, along with some fencing and stakes to build a run. As a thank you, I gave him some organic red wine and the first tiny herb harvest from our gardens - chives, oregano, lavender, rosemary, sage, and thyme. The bunnies have been very happy with their bounds of sweet smelling mold-free Timothy hay!

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