Poor Zeppoli


This little bun is sweet as could be and very well behaved. He is still a little nervous about being pet and groomed but tolerates it fairly well. He is pretty matted, which his why his former mama (who just had a human baby) wanted to give him away. Angoras take a fair amount of maintenance and having wee humans can make that a real challenge. Fortunately for this little bunny, his matts are peeling away from the body (maybe he is molting?). I was able to get two large ones on either side of his head, but the ones on his haunches he has been very protective of and upon feeling his armpits I realized the matts are tight to his body. Bunnies have very thin skin and it is too easy to cut them wide open. Eep. This poor little bugger needs his matts gone for his health, but this may be beyond my skills. My dog grooming mama suggested I find a vet who sees bunnies as they should have experience shaving them. She offered to pay for his grooming visit and she is sending up a bunny package, including the best grooming tools. Hoorah. I literally grew up in a grooming room. It is fun to pick it up now!

Oh Matts!


This little guy was also fairly skinny. I am realizing this may be because he really is not a fan of pellets. Everyone says to introduce a new diet slowly, but he has been gobbling up lady's bedstraw, dandelion, witch grass, and lilac shoots like he is starving. I feed a lot of it directly to him to bond with him. The pellets he mostly ignores. After just a couple of days with an Italian mama, his bones are already a little less prominent (you have to feel them, as you obviously can barely tell he has legs let alone bones). I have been keeping an eye on his poop to make sure he is tolerating all of the fresh greens. So far so good!

As far as I can tell, he is a French and English angora cross (which is why he has those crazy tufted ears from the English and the coloring of a French). This cross matts more than the French angoras (I can see that) but also should have thicker hair than the French.

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