Shanty Town

Impromtu Bunny Shelter

While we are not at the top of a windswept hill or mountain, which is definitely worse, we are still in a hollow, slightly uphill, at the base of a mountain and the wind whips through here almost constantly spring, summer, and fall (this last winter at least it was rather tame). How then without a barn, shed, or garage are we to keep bunnies out of a draft? Build a shanty town! With four lilac bushes to create shade, to use as fodder (the bunnies LOVE the buds and will love the leaves), and as a structure to hang a giant tent fly and a giant tarp from, the bunnies are protected from the worst of our epoch winds. The wool blankets hanging from the lilacs are drying out. I use them to drape over the cages for additional protection from the elements. Each cage is about 2'x4'x2' and half is

Sfingi, the tiny nugget of cuteness

sheltered/half exposed. Little Sfingi loves to hang out in the open in area no matter how strong the wind and even in the rain, which is part of what inspired me to set up shanty town ASAP. It is quite cozy in there. What a difference a little wind protection does! Protecting bunnies from the wind is essential. They can take cold, but drafts can get right through them. Protecting them from the sun is also crucial as they can overheat and die rather easily what with their massive wool coats. Tonight is going down to 32 so I have added some extra hay for them to burrow into and get cozy.

Building two wee bunny barns is in the works (got to keep the boys and girls separated). Due to finances and a generally lack of skill this might not happen for a while, but at some point this summer, we will definitely be upgrading their shelter. In the mean time, we are building a run so they can have some good play time/exercise/forage time. My husband did this once for an ex-girlfriend's bunny. He said that bunny ran in circles until it just sprung up and out of the run! Need to research how high we need to make it so the buns don't make a mad dash through the field or discover the woodchuck holes and decide to move in.

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