Sheep: First Day




All together now... the first night the cats were scared/curious (the orange cat, Uccelino aka. The Jeep) and terrified/curious (the black cat, Figaro).


Hi Chickens!














I had decided to NOT get sheep this year. Until I met Indigo. Her strange E.T. stare enchanted me.






The naughty rooster stalks me, preparing to attack.


The sheep live in a 10'x10' hoop house inside an electric fence (when they are not enjoying supervised free range).


The baby sheep just had their tails docked to prevent fly strike. One shepherdess said that fly strike is not a problem in the U.S., only in the U.K. But in VT it is alive and well (and the sheep are not). We do tend to have cold, damp summers, though this spring has been hotter and dryer than summer.





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