Pitta Babies Just Need a Bath

Happy Pitta Baby After a BathDo you have a highly motivated, active, easily frustrated, quick to anger, sensitive skin little boogaboo who seems to go nuclear when they are hot and slimy? You might have a Pitta baby!

According to Ayurveda, we each inherited a particular constitution, or prakruti, from our parents at the moment of conception. It's important to understand what our true nature is because we attain health when our current state (vikruti) matches our prakruti. But after living for 30 or 40 or 50 years in ways that might have pulled us far far away from our true nature, it might take a little bit of digging to figure out who we were at that moment of conception. So if you have a baby or a little one, this is the prime time to look for clues as to their constitution.

Mr. Wiggles was having a very dramatic sort of afternoon, full of red hot angst and dripping with sweat. I took him out into the cool air but with the mean mommy ulterior motive of planting seeds in my garden for the first time this season (a full 5 weeks before first frost). We planted 4 peas before meltdown began but I persisted until we had planted 1 foot of peas and watered them in.

While out there with a baby decrying the full horror of standing still for more than 60 seconds, I thought again about all of those pregnancy fantasies I had of wearing my baby in the garden, the both of us in absolute bliss as we melded with the green world around us.

By the time we got inside, meltdown was fully underway. But knowing that he is a Pitta baby, knowing that the heat makes him really irritable, I stripped off his clothes and headed straight to the cool bathroom and a nice bath where he had quite the high time and is now laying next to me busy squealing and laughing and eating his hands and his feet in absolute bliss. And yes he's still naked because it is 84 degrees in here and for a baby Vermonter that is just too much hot.

I might have to make a Kapha baby next time around if I have any hope of gardening with a baby dosing sweetly in a sling. But in the mean time, I am reveling in the bright eyed joy and excitement of my Pitta baby.

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