Night Time Adventures: Meeping Alpaca

Alpaca Chewing

When you think your to do list might kill you and then you end up chasing a sick alpaca in the frigid rain in the dark, trying to stab it with medicine, and you are so bleary eyed and tired you accidentally stab it in the wrong leg twice, and so it runs away from you meeping and limping but still very fast, you might cry a little because it is all so surreal and sad.

And then when you stab her in the right leg, she will kick you repeatedly and the needle will break off the syringe and she will go running into the darkness with a needle buried in her hide and you will once again go tromping into the dark rain after her while all the other animals stand and watch, roused from their cozy hay beds. The whole time you will be trying to diagnose her from the way she is moving and realizing that it is her hip that is the issue and that it came on suddenly, you decide to let meeping hurting alpacas lie until the vet can help tomorrow because there is a good chance she won't need this medicine anyway.

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