Duck Snow

Female Duck on Snow

PSA: Our baby alpaca is alive and well, running at high speeds in deep snow and trying to start fights with the older males. I am heading back out now to sweep snow off the animal huts and try to convince the ducks to come to bed.

I spy fox tracks that stop just short of the paddocks (probably because of scary fox hating alpaca) but I cannot get the ducks back in because they must have been spooked by it.

Ducks are somewhat neurotic problem children and have to be trained to go to bed (unlike chickens who turn into blind lumps of meat in the middle of the night). Ducks alternate between sleep and wake all day and night. The snow might be a dizzying enough distraction that they cannot quite figure out how to get back down to their new digs further from the house.

Also, I love this kind of snow! Light, fluffy, deep. You should see the ducks swim in it. They literally have the time of their lives.

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