Figaro’s Farm


Figaro's Farm is nestled on the gentle sweep of a small mountain between two tiny villages in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Here, we garden by hand, organically, and with great love for the tender green things that sustain us. Without a driver’s license or car, our tiny farm is primarily pedal powered. We focus on green manures, compost, cover crops, and manure from our many pets (sheep, chickens, rabbit, alpaca), to enhance the natural fertility of the land. Most evenings, the mist crawls up the hill and slowly wrap itsself around the house and gardens. The moon washes the fields in daylight. The brook sings a song best heard at night. And sometimes, if we are lucky, we can hear the peepers that cry out from every corner of pasture and pond in Barnet.


Tucked in the foothills of the Green Mountains,
this is a land of short seasons, cold nights, and heartbreaking beauty.
A place where every encounter with nature feels magical. The smell of plum blossoms, so full and sweet you can taste it. The clouds of native bees. The blankets of thyme perfect for a perfumed summer’s nap. The neighbor's herd of dairy cows with their large doe eyes and skittish curiosity.
Figaro's Farm is primarily a one woman farm, tended by Melissa Laurita Kohl. Melissa is an herbalist, artist, and passionate plant and critter lover. Her farm is more like a sprawling cottage garden, stuffed with flowers, herbs, and vegetables. This confuses the herbivores and pests who would like to nibble on the succulent veggies, provides a home for predatory insects and birds who help to keep pest populations low, and creates a beautiful, enchanting, and aroma filled space in which to work. While
Melissa still sees Vermont through the eyes of a city mouse, used to grit and poverty, in these hills of plenty and beauty, she is learning to slow down and smell the roses.