Private lessons are available in person in West Barnet VT or by phone.

A private herbal lesson is an opportunity to learn how to use herbalism to address your specific health and lifestyle needs or personal learning objectives.

Much like a private yoga lesson, a private herbal lesson focuses on what you need and want to get out of the session.

We'll focus on the things that matter most to you: your health, the best herbs for your lifestyle, and how best to incorporate herbs into your daily life.

Students can come with questions, plan ahead for a one on one workshop, or come with no plan at all.

Examples of questions students bring include: How do I use adaptogens? I am struggling with depression and anxiety, what can I do to help? I have been taking this herbal supplement - is this the right thing to do?

One on One Workshop:
You might want to learn how to make herbal preparations in a hands on way. Our lessons can focus on: water based herbal prepations including infusions, decoctions, and compresses; herbal bodycare products; tincture making; salve and oil making, etc. Students will be expected to provide the materials or pay an additional material fee.

No Plan at All:
Maybe you know your health and mood could use a boost and you are curious about herbalism. Come with an open mind and a willingness to share your story. I will ask questions about your physical and mental health and your lifestyle to determine how herbs and lifestyle changes can improve your health.

I provide lifestyle and herbal suggestions during the session and afterwards as a lesson emailed to you within 1 week of a session.


* Adapted from Goldroot Botanical Medicine

Confidentiality: Personal information is held in strict confidence, unless otherwise requested by the client. I never share individual’s information with any person, organization, or company.

Payment: Cash, check, paypal, Time Dollars, or barter.

Sliding scale is available based on individual need. The scale is $16 to $96 an hour with $48 an hour being the standard rate. Time Dollars are accepted for the first lesson.

Appointment cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. No shows are subject to a $20 fee. Bounced checks are subject to a $35 fee.

Referrals: Since my primary role is that of support and educator, there are several things that I cannot do:

  • Diagnose conditions
  • Order lab tests
  • Treat illnesses or diseases

If your situation is beyond my ability to tend, I will refer you to a practitioner who can better meet your needs.

Ecological Sustainability & Ethical Harvesting: I refrain from using wildcrafted herbs that have been classified as threatened or endangered in accordance with the United Plant Savers’ At-Risk and To-Watch lists. I use herbs that have been organically cultivated or are abundant in supply.