Anti-Inflammatory Bundle – Chamomile & Turmeric


Modern science is finding that chronic inflammation is the basis for most chronic disease, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Turmeric is a superb anti-inflammatory herb from India that is mildly bitter and mildly fragrant. Chamomile is a powerfully anti-inflammatory herb from Europe that is mildly bitter and mildly fragrant. Both can be used in cooking. Both are gentle and safe to use. Enjoy listening to this two class bundle and learn easy ways to manage acute and chronic inflammation in your life. Other uses for both plants are also discussed.

Close Up Chamomile

1 x Chamomile Audio Class with Bonus Video

This gentle but powerful herb is an essential part of everyone's medicine chest. You will learn how to safely use this herb for many common complaints, including teething, toothache/abscess, eye infections, wounds, inflammation, indigestion, and stress/anxiety.

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Turmeric Botanical Drawing

1 x Turmeric Audio Class

Learn why turmeric is the most used spice in India and the most researched substance in the world. Another gem from Ayurveda with such effective and far ranging uses even modern medicine is becoming entranced with this herb.

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Almost 3 hours of jaunty and informative herbal fun.

Includes a PDF handout on Chamomile and one on Turmeric.


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