Aromatics, Bitters, and Tonics


Learn a simple and easy way to incorporate herbs into your daily life.

This is the final class in my 8 part intro to herbalism series. This audio recording is from a live 1.5 hour class that is based on Guido Mase’s teachings and his book, “The Wild Medicine Solution”. The basic premise is that each day all humans should be consuming aromatic, bitter, and tonic plants.


This class includes:

  • a lightly edited 1 hour 19 minutes long audio recording from a live class offered in 2017.
  • a 2 page PDF handout.
  • a 12 minute audio recording that I recommend you listen to after the longer recording. This is from the beginning of the class, which is very relaxed and informal as this is the 8th class in the series.

I ask that you not share audio files with others unless you are sharing them with others who would not be able to afford the class, as I am a mama trying to earn a living. However, all PDFs have a Creative Commons License BY-SA, which means you are free to use them for personal or commercial use and can share them with whoever you wish. For more information on this license, please see:

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