Echinacea Audio Class


There are many conflicting views on echinacea. Melissa reviews the competing perspectives along with scientific research and historical uses. She draws from the works of Kathi Keville (who shares one of the most remarkable stories about echinacea), Michael Tierra (who helped to popularize the use of echinacea), Stephen Buhner (who wrote the definitive works on “Herbal Antibiotics” and “Herbal Antivirals”), and Guido Mase.


This class includes:

  • a 1 hour 15 minute lightly edited audio recording of a live class offered in 2016.
  • a 13 page PDF handout.

You can read more about echinacea here.

I ask that you not share audio files with others unless you are sharing them with others who would not be able to afford the class, as I am a mama trying to earn a living. However, all PDFs have a Creative Commons License BY-SA, which means you are free to use them for personal or commercial use and can share them with whoever you wish. For more information on this license, please see:


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