Herbal Energetics Bundle


This bundle focuses on energetic qualities of herbs, experiences, health conditions, and people. Each class builds on the one before it. “Ayurvedic Constitution: the Doshas” lays the foundation for the Ayurvedic understanding of herbal energetics. “Herbal Energetics and Decoctions” focuses on qualities such as hot/cold and damp/dry and how they impact each of the doshas. “Rasa of Herbs” focuses on the tastes of herbs and how tastes are the primary way to effect the doshas.

This bundle contains three approximately 1.5 hour long audio recordings from live classes offered in Vermont.

1 x Ayurvedic Constitution: The Doshas

The doshas are central to the traditional medicine system of India - Ayurveda. It is a way of identifying real patterns or underlying forces in nature that relate as much to your body/mind as to the weather or food. The doshas are a very useful and beautiful tool. They help you understand how to use food, herbs, and lifestyle choices to shape a life that is ideally suited for you as an individual.  

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1 x Herbal Energetics and Decoctions

Understanding herbal energetics allows you to have a more nuanced approach to choosing and using medicinal and culinary herbs. Learn the basics of herbal energetics in the first part of this class and deepen your understanding of decoctions and herbs that are ideally decocted in the second part of this class. This is the fourth class in my 8 part introduction to herbalism - "This is Herbalism". It is an audio recording from an approximately 1.5 hour class offered in Vermont in 2017.

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1 x Rasa of Healing: the Taste of Herbs

This class introduces students to the six tastes of Ayurveda - sweet, bitter, pungent, salty, astringent, and sour. It is an audio recording of a 1.5 hour live class offered in Vermont in 2016/2017. It is the fifth class in my 8 week introduction to herbalism series - This is Herbalism.

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